Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"The Avengers" preview.

The best day of my life, or at least in the "Top 10".

Yesterday I went where there was the premiere of "The Avangers", there was the stage,the red carpet, etc. .. I LOVE these things and I considered myself more than lucky to have found there, but after 3 hours the actors were not there yet.
When they arrived I climbed the walls to see them, I go behind the structure of the "bridge" that had been built to try to see something and suddenly a guy comes out of the cinema and says "Do you want to see the movie?" I was like O.O and he: "There are 10 vacancies, one in a lifetime opportunity, VIP room!" I literally ran.
We enter the room, we are putting in the front row, WORLD PREMIERE OF THE FILM IN 3D, and I was among the first to see it and it already was enough as the conclusion of the day. 
After a while, they come the presenters of the event by Sky Cinema with the microphones and they begin to present the actors who enter one by one: TomHiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo and Scarlett Johansson.
Do you realizeI HAD THEM IN FRONT OF ME! I sat on a chair in the front row of the cinema and some of my favorite actors right in front of me spoking about the film and saying that they were happy to be in Rome, FUCK, imagine how much I was happy to be there!
I don't wanna know what expression I had while I watched them, I definitely made ​​a figure of shit but go from not being able to see them, even from far away, to have them there... it was quite shocking, I was petrified.
Thanks to the fate for being by my side for once.


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